Millennium will begin offering Contoura – Alcon’s custom guided topographic treatments. Staying ahead of the curve, is a priority of our Center as we believe patients deserve the most advanced technology possible. Contoura Vision is designed to provide surgeons the ability to perform more personalized laser procedures for patients with nearsightedness, or nearsightedness with astigmatism, based on the unique corneal topography of each eye.

Once the map of the cornea is captured, the data is then transferred to the EX500 creating a precise and more accurate treatment for the patient.

In an FDA Study, visual acuity at 12 months showed the following results:

  • 7% of patients achieved 20/20 or better vision
  • 9% of patients achieved 20/16 or better vision
  • 6% of patients achieved 20/12.5 or better vision

The procedure also showed statistically significant reductions in some of the visual symptoms associated with LASIK, such as glare, light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night and difficulty while reading.


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