Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses seem to be one of the biggest optical trends as of late. You may be wondering what inspired this movement, and why so many people, even those who don’t need glasses, are choosing to wear them.

First off, what is blue light?

Blue light may have a bad reputation, but in reality, it’s just another wavelength of light. It’s normally found in sunlight, but these rays have made their way into the home through our phones, televisions, computers, tablets, and more.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses serve to limit how much blue light reaches your eyes. They look like regular glasses, are slightly tinted and don’t alter your vision in any way. They are solely used to prevent the side effects of extended exposure to blue light.

What are the side effects of blue light?

While blue light is natural and found all around us, prolonged exposure can have negative repercussions. It all stems from the fact that we spend so much time looking at electronics, so we’re exposed to more blue light than ever before.

  • Sleep

One of the benefits of blue light is that it boosts your mood and increases focus. This is great for working throughout the day but can be quite disruptive at night. Prolonged exposure to blue light makes it more difficult to fall asleep, especially if you’re one to scroll through your phone before bed.

  • Discomfort / Eye Strain

Electronic screens are all around us and embedded into our everyday lives. We spend hours looking at them each day, and after a while, this can cause eye strain. The blue light blocking glasses are made to prevent our eyes from becoming too exhausted.

  • Headaches

In addition to eye strain, headaches are a normal side effect of our screen dependency. These headaches can be caused by the screen’s glare, brightness, or color, in addition to the blue light wavelengths entering the retina.

So, should I use blue light blocking glasses?

It can’t hurt! Many people have found them to be helpful, while others say they haven’t noticed a difference. The thing is, you can’t expect immediate gratification. Perhaps blue light glasses don’t help you fall asleep immediately or knock out all your headaches, but you never know how they can benefit you in the long run. You can get blue light glasses for relatively inexpensive, so why not try them for yourself?


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