Are Lash Lifts and Perms Safe?

Long, fluttering lashes that make your eyes pop are a common goal when it comes to eye makeup. There are dozens of mascara brands out there, all promising the same thing. But for those who want a more permanent fix without daily mascara usage, lash lifts or perms might be the right decision.

What are lash lifts?

Lash lifts are a cosmetic service completed by an esthetician using a chemical solution to curl your eyelashes from base to tip. Your lashes look naturally perky, your eyes more awake and your mascara more effective. There are plenty of stories out there of women getting the procedure, their lashes looking the best they ever had, and singing the praises of this procedure.

Are they safe?

Lash lifts and perms have only been on the beauty scene for a relatively limited amount of time, but for the most part, lash lifts are a safe procedure. The majority of people who get this treatment do not have any repercussions in terms of eye health. Overall, the most frequent complaint about these procedures is that the results aren’t as outstanding as they’d hoped. There haven’t been any major injuries reported.

Things to keep in mind.

If you are considering getting a lash lift or perm, there are a few factors you should consider before moving forward:

  • Make sure you’re seeing a professional who has done lash lifts or perms before, and ask how many years of experience they have.
  • If you are prone to allergies, consult the esthetician before the lash perm and ask if you can do a spot test. This way you can make sure you won’t have a reaction to the chemicals once they’re on your eyes.
  • Those with dry eyes or skin sensitivities may experience irritation from lash lifts.

As with any beauty procedure involving chemicals, there are inherent risks. But overall, the process of lash lifts and lash perms are done without any serious, harmful effects. If you do your due diligence beforehand, you can have those long, eye-catching lashes in no time.


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