Why You Should Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

As a rule of thumb, you should keep your hands away from your eyes. While we may be in the habit of rubbing them when we’re tired or even frustrated, it’s important to avoid this for many reasons. Rubbing your eyes may bring temporary comfort, but if there’s an underlying issue, it will only make it worse. Here are a few of the main reasons to keep your fingers from your face.


Eye irritation or infections, such as pinkeye, can cause your eyes to feel quite itchy. This is a time you absolutely have to avoid rubbing your eyes, as that can worsen the problem. By touching an eye infection, you can spread it to your other eyes as well as to other surfaces. Avoid touching your eyes as much as possible if you have an infection of some sort.

Dry Eyes

When our eyes feel dry, sometimes rubbing them is our first response. But doing so is simply irritating them even more. Instead, use some moisturizing eye drops or grab a water bottle to rehydrate.


Allergies can be incredibly bothersome, and itchy eyes is just one of many symptoms. If you want some relief, don’t rub them! Although this might seem like a quick fix, it does more harm than good. You’re essentially taking the allergens that have found their way into your eyes and rubbing them around, spreading them all over. Once this happens, your eyes may very well puff up and start watering even more than before.


It’s more common than not to rub your eyes when you’re tired, but it’s not worth it! One of the big reasons your eyes become bloodshot when you’re tired is because rubbing them causes tiny blood vessels in your eyes to burst. The ones around your eyes can also burst, causing the ever-dreaded dark circles.


When we get something in our eyes, of course the go-to reaction is to try and get it out. Of course, you need to remove the foreign object from your eye, but be careful how you do so. When you rub your eye too much, whatever is stuck in there has the potential to scratch your eye or to be pushed in deeper. Get to a mirror, or have someone check if you have something in your eye. It’s better than irritating your eye further.

No matter why your eye is itching or bothering you, try your best to avoid rubbing it. For the most part, this does more harm than good.


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