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WaveLight Laser – EX 500

Millennium Laser Eye Centers is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best possible outcomes to our patients. It is for this reason that we have the most advanced laser technology, the WaveLight EX500, which complements the FS200 Femtosecond laser.

The WaveLight EX 500 Excimer Laser System by Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX) is Wavefront Optimized®. With a repetition rate of 500 pulses per second, the EX500 is the fastest on the US market today. It delivers average treatment time of approximately 1.4 seconds per diopter. This rapid treatment speed translates into less dehydration of the corneal bed and improved refractive predictability due to fewer hydration changes. The laser is very reliable, extremely quick, and highly accurate. It has the fastest-responding infrared eye tracker in the world at 1050 hz offering safety and exceptional precision. It also has a response time of less than 8 milliseconds to assure a quality treatment.

WaveLight technology also features a unique approach to corneal sculpting using a WaveFront optimized ablation profile. The normal curvature of a healthy cornea is prolate or higher in the center. Most laser systems flatten centrally to create a flattened or oblate cornea. This oblate shape causes spherical aberration, which degrades the quality of vision, especially at night, and often produces glare or halos. In contrast, the WaveLight Technology performs a prolate ablation, providing excellent vision during the day and night by preserving the natural aspheric shape of the cornea.

This laser can effectively treat people with larger pupils. The expanded optical zones allow for larger treatment zones, up to 8mm, which can minimize glare, halos, and potential night vision problems. Many patients with high prescriptions who previously were not candidates because of unacceptable risks of visual side effects may now be candidates with the advent of this new laser technology.

Millennium Laser Eye Center has a commitment to providing the latest technology to our patients. We are proud to be the first laser vision correction center in Florida to provide this technology to our patients.

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