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Healthy Vision Month

May is healthy vision month, a national observance declared by the National Eye Institute in May 2003. Here are a few tips to ensuring the safety and health of your eyes: 1. Get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. During this eye exam, the eyes will be closely examined to detect any vision problems or changes… Read More

What is Monovision?

What is monovision? Monovision is an option often used when patients start to develop presbyopia, a condition causing difficulty reading small print or seeing near objects. Presbyopia starts to become evident in most people between 38 to 48 and worsens with age. To address presbyopia, the doctor may prescribe glasses with bifocal or progressive lenses… Read More

Give the Gift of Sight

The search for the perfect holiday gift is over! Over time, it’s easy to fall into the habit of giving an old standby, gift cards, or cash. This year, give the gift your loved one will love and cherish for years to come…the gift of sight! After all, what gift is better than the gift… Read More

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