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Cost Price Analysis: The Difference Between Cost and Price Analysis

Most glasses and contact lenses require a lifetime commitment and multiple renewals and ordering of your prescription through the year while, Laser Vision Correction is a quick, pain-less, 10 minute out-patient procedure.According to industry experts, LASIK will pay for itself on average within 5 years. Here’s why:

The average cost of LASIK is a one-time fee, and many Centers now offer 0% financing. Some Centers may even take a down payment or offer in house financing to make LASIK more affordable.

Along with contacts come many monthly costs for lenses, supplies and even emergency doctor’s office visits (if an infection from wearing contact lenses occurs). Also, many doctors recommend having glasses as back up, in case you run out of lenses or to give your eyes a break from wearing your contacts.

With glasses, you may be able to get away from monthly fees and solutions, however you will need to make sure your prescription is updated, and may need multiple pairs of glasses (ex, prescription sunglasses). Glasses also can get broken or misplaced, causing you to buy a new pair. Don’t forget trying to keep up with the frame styles, many frames are not covered by insurance companies, leaving the total cost to the patient.

Your actual prices will vary based on your situation. Your annual visits may be more or less expensive than our estimate. You may pay different amounts for glasses or contacts supplies depending on brands or buy them at different intervals. Nonetheless, saving you money is just one of the benefits of LASIK.

There is more to this life changing procedure than meets the eye!

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