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One of the first questions many people ask when considering Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is, “How much is covered by insurance?” Because LVC is considered an elective procedure, not cosmetic since LASIK doesn’t change your appearance, it is not covered by insurance companies. However some companies may advertise or promote courtesies they have established for their covered customers with regional or local laser centers.

If your insurance company does not cover LASIK, there are still options to make it more affordable for you.

Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Account (or HSA) is a tax-exempt account, where you can save pre-taxed wages to cover the cost of qualifying medical procedures. Enrolling in an HSA requires you to meet requirements set forth by the IRS, and having a high-deductible health plan is a key step in qualifying.

Flexible Spending Accounts

LVC is one of the eligible medical expenses for Flexible Spending Account (or FSA). If your employer offers a FSA, you may be able to afford a majority of your LASIK procedure using your coverage.

A FSA account allows the account holder to pay for certain medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. FSAs can be used to cover eligible elective procedures including laser eye surgery, along with a number of other common medical needs.

LASIK Financing

At Millennium Laser Eye Centers, we offer $0 down, 0% for 24 months financing through Alphaeon and CareCredit. Through our financing options, which are credit cards specifically for healthcare needs, it allows you to have your procedure without a down payment and pay 24 equal payments over the course of 2 years.

If you have any questions about your options, please give us a call at the center at (954) 835-0800.

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