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Laser Vision Correction is the most popular elective eye surgery in the US. When picking a center, make sure they have state of the art laser and safety monitoring equipment.

During a LASIK consultation or evaluation, different types of tests are performed on your eyes to deem if you would be a good candidate for Laser Vision Correction, such as a mapping of the cornea. The cornea in front of the eye is reshaped during LASIK so an Optometrist needs to ensure that your cornea is normal shape and will not become too steep or flat after surgery. Then, using Wavefront diagnostics, a detailed three-dimensional map of your entire optical system is done. The last test is to determine the prescription of your eye and what prescription will need to be treated during your Laser Vision Correction procedure. At this time, the doctor also checks for any signs of disease, such as dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration that could affect the outcome of your LASIK procedure.

At the time of your consultation, there are a few very important questions to ask the Doctor:

Experience – Do you specialize in LASIK or do general eye care as well? Do you do the procedure on other doctors in the same field?

Equipment – What kind of technology does the surgeon use? Be sure to ask if the center offers 100 percent all-laser LASIK or if they use a microkeratome blade.

Relationship with your eye doctor – Will the surgeon work with your current eye doctor both before and after your procedure?

Patient Satisfaction – What are the success rates of the patients? Of course, like any other surgical procedure, you will want to choose a surgeon with a low rate of complications. Do you have an analysis of patients with 20/20 results or better?

Enhancements – Are enhancements frequently needed? Remember, laser eye surgery outcomes may vary based on individual conditions. Even with successful surgery, future enhancements may be needed, or you might require eye glasses for activities such as reading or driving.

No two eyes are the same. The thickness of your cornea, the health of your eye, the amount of refractive error, and the effects of aging, all play a part in determining whether your eyes are well-suited for Laser Vision Correction. You cannot be deemed a LASIK Candidate until you’ve had a consultation. While at the consultation, most people are nervous about finding out if they’re a candidate and also price, don’t be tempted to look at only the bottom line; bargain-shopping may be fine for shoes, but your vision is priceless.

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