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Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation | AOA

Low vision can happen to anyone as they age and it can be a difficult adjustment. Simply put, having poor vision implies that your eyesight is so severely affected that standard remedial measures are ineffective.

This means that life can be greatly impacted by low vision. The good news is that there are various methods to support those who have limited eyesight so they may go on with their regular routines and activities. In this blog we will be covering everything there is to know about low vision and how it’s treated long-term.

The Basics: What Is Low Vision?

Visual acuity, or more simply, how clear or sharp your vision is, serves as a general indicator of low vision. When someone claims to have “perfect vision,” or 20/20, they are really referring to their best-corrected visual acuity. Low vision has evolved into a more general term denoting a disabling visual impairment that interferes with your ability to function in daily life and cannot be corrected with conventional visual aids. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Crack

Between poor eyesight (like that improved by corrective lenses or laser vision correction) there is a range of vision impairment that cannot be totally corrected but yet allows the patient to see to a certain degree. Several distinct symptoms of low vision include:

  • Problems with depth perception.
  • Reading at a distance or up close may be challenging and cause strain to the eyes.
  • Sometimes straight edges seem warped.
  • Seeing images or objects in double.
  • Cloudy vision.
  • Struggle to see properly at night.

If you have poor vision, you can find it challenging to carry out daily activities like reading the mail, shopping, making meals, and signing your name, laser vision correction may be right for you!

Is Low Vision Common?

Unfortunately, low vision is a lot more common than people think. Low vision is third among physical disabilities among those over 65. It will also spread more widely as our population ages, with age-related macular degeneration being the most probable culprit. Many visually impaired persons may benefit from the usage of low vision aids by using their residual eyesight.

What To Do If You Start Experiencing Vision Issues

The first step is to see an eye doctor and receive a thorough eye test if your eyesight is preventing you from enjoying life and doing daily tasks.

It’s always advisable to take action before vision loss increases, regardless of the source.

Is Low Vision Preventable?

Low eyesight, which unfortunately cannot be prepared for, your daily activities will be impacted, but you may learn to live a relatively normal life by making the most of low vision assistance.

Low vision instances that have been diagnosed early on are almost always the most curable. We advise you to come see us as soon as possible if you detect any deterioration in your eyesight to see if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction.

Get The Low Vision Assistance You Need

Knowing that vision assistance is accessible to you is crucial.

Find out how our experts at Millennium Laser Eye Centers can help you with your low vision. Contact us at (954) 835-0800 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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