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Christian Canelo

The experience and the care of the staff was amazing, thank you so much for your care and helping me change my life.

Krish Manohar
Web Developer

I can't believe I can see without the aid of glasses or contacts for the first time in my life. Extremely pleased with my experience!

Tiffany Mallwitz
IT Project Manager

I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery and the staff at Millennium! I was very at ease, all questions answered, and we even joked! I can now read labels, recipes, and my phone without help from my kids! Thank you!

Shawn Manasseh
IT Analyst

This was a great experience. I was nervous about getting it completed but the staff made me completely at ease. Everyone was friendly and wanted to make sure I had a great experience.

Maksim Valenkov
Xfinity Cable Technician
Default Avatar

I was nervous prior to getting LASIK but Dr. Lessner has completely changed my life and I can now see even better than I did with my glasses.

Alejandro Serrano
Software Engineer
Default Avatar

Dr. Lessner and his team will provide you with world-class treatment. They are all very open and willing to help you out, and truly care about your health. If you are looking to do LASIK, look no further, Millennium is your place.

Nathanial Cruz
Information Technology
Default Avatar

I have been blind almost all my life. Having to rely on glasses or contacts was getting annoying. I was consulted years prior and told if my eyes have no major adjustments such as increase or decrease in prescription to get LASIK, and I did. Within 6 hours I had 20/15 vision! (Even better) Zero regrets on this decision.

Chad Cerutti
Systems Engineer

My vision has improved better than I could have hoped for. It's such a luxury to not worry about contacts or glasses anymore!

Sean Kavanaugh
App Developer
Default Avatar

In all fields of medical practice, there are two crucial aspects for the patient. Quality and service. The quality of work at Millennium speaks for itself through its reputation and reviews. But what surprised me was the impeccable service. Every person on the staff was knowledgeable, aware, friendly and pleasant to work with. I wish all businesses made this a priority. It was a wonderful experience.

Clay Schock
Technical Support

My experience was great! The procedure was quick and painless, AND I CAN SEE! That's the best part! I can see. No contacts no glasses.

Ulices Diaz
IT Director

The opportunities given to me now with the rebirth of my vision is endless. It is an amazing transformation and I don't know how I have survived so long with out it! I see the world as never before! Thank you for this gift.

Sagiv Lapkin
Software Engineer

I just wish I had done it sooner. I'm so happy with the results! It is truly life changing!

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