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Daniel Light
Physical Therapist

I've been in corrective lenses since I was 9 years old. I was tired of contact lenses irritating my eyes or falling out and being limited by my vision. Dr. Lessner and his team at Millennium made my LASIK experience seamless and easy. The procedure went by in the blink of an eye, and just like that, now I have 20/15 vision. I see better now than with my contact lenses! I'd highly recommend Millennium to anyone interested in laser eye surgery.

Danielle Goldberg
Medical Technologist

I have been wearing glasses since I was six years old. It may sound cliche, but I still remember how astounded I was when I got my first pair of glasses and learned that trees weren't big green balls. I could actually see the individual leaves. Now, twenty-five years later, my vision leveled out at a -8.00 in my left eye and -7.50 in my right eye with astigmatisms in both. I could see with glasses and uncomfortable contacts, and I just got used to blurred lines and not-precise vision. But now, after my procedure, not only can I see the individual leaves again, but I can see them in HD. Thank you, Dr. Lessner. You and your incredible staff have given me the best vision of my life. Thank you!

Mileny Sanchez

Everything was fast and simple from the moment I did the online consultation to the day of the procedure. I always had my questions answered and felt safe in the hands of Dr. Lessner and everyone from the office. Thank you for giving me perfect vision !

Patrick Casey
Ocean Rescue

LASIK eye surgery from Millennium Laser Eye Center has changed my life all for the better. Working as a Firefighter, Ocean Rescue, or being a father of three is just some examples of why my vision is vital to my everyday operations. No more stubbing my foot on furniture walking around in the middle of the night making a bottle for my baby, no more itchy, red, dry eyes from sleeping bin my contacts while running fire calls, and no more losing contacts as I dive into the ocean to make a rescue. I has only been two weeks and I couldn't be more grateful for each day waking up and being able to SEE my wife and children. Thank you so much for you time and professionalism from start to finish.

David Cinalli

Having my vision corrected was something I'd wanted to do for several years now. I was confident that I was in very good hands from the beginning at Millennium. Poor vision will no longer hold me back from competing and pursuing my dream

Sameeksha Patil
Physician Assistant

I wish I had done this sooner. What a life changing experience

Nigel Royes
Patient Transporter / Student

I made the right decision in choosing a team of professionals who were nothing short of excellent in performing the procedure. I am pleased with the results and I have no regrets. Thank you, Dr. Lessner and the entire team at millennium for changing my life!

Cely Cole

Everyone at Millennium was very nice and knowledgeable. My questions and concerns were all addressed and I felt very comfortable the day of my surgery. It took 20 seconds to have 20/20 vision! I'm glad I chose millennium.

Alfio Colin
Strength & Conditioning Florida Panthers

Such an amazing experience. Dr. Lessner and his team Hands-down made this the easiest and most comfortable experience I have ever gone through. I was always nervous about going through this type of procedure but after speaking to him and his team all my worries went out the window. Highly recommended. I'm just two weeks removed from the procedure and it is complete night and day with my results!

Allison Berger
Speech Language Pathologist

Getting LASIK was way easier than I expected and I'm so happy I did it because the results are amazing!!

Omayra Lizardo
Care Manager

Never thought Lasik would be so easy and pain free. It's pretty amazing and almost unbelievable that I can see clearly when I wake up. Dr. Lessner has a gift and his team is magical!

Jibu Williams
Chiropractic Physician

Staff is exceptional in customer service/relations! Dr. Lessner has an amazing balance between patient education and instilling confidence in his corrective skills.

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