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Medardo Alvero
Valet Parking Manager

The experience I had was top notch. Everyone on the staff was amazing and made me feel incredibly comfortable from the doctors to the nurses and the reception staff. I would recommend LASIK to any and everyone who is thinking about doing it. The procedure was quick and painless. My recovery was quick and easy. I was able to drive myself to my follow up the next day with out any issues. If you need to have your vision corrected, Millennium is without a doubt the place to go!

Marija Blazevic
Dance Instructor

LASIK is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's been two weeks since my procedure and I still cannot believe how wonderful my vision is. Everything is so clear! I went from not being able to see something a few inches away to 20/15! The staff at Millennium was awesome. Everyone was very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Lessner to everyone I speak to about my LASIK. My entire experience and my results are truly amazing. Thank you Dr. Lessner!

Richard Rawson

I cannot thank Dr. Lessner and his amazing staff enough! I am enjoying the photos my new eyes are taking, and am excited for the beautiful clear sights to come! Thank you!

Josh Concia

You get what you pay for in this world and I'm glad I had my procedure with Millennium Laser Eye Centers. One of the best things I've ever purchased. Totally worth it!

Ellen Headrick
US Postal Service

I was afraid for many years to have LASIK so I waited for my daughter to be ready so that I could go with her. This procedure changed my life and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It was quick and painless, the recovery was no problem at all and now i can see 20/20 without glasses or contacts and I can even read without magnifiers.

Marc-Jason Nepomuceno
Security Guard

Staff is friendly, helpful and are very professional. I can see 20/15!

Dale Brown
Flight Attendant

From start to finish, a very nice experience. Wearing contacts for 30 years and now I’m able to 1) see the clock and my wife when I wake up in the morning and 2) can eliminate the AM/PM process of taking out and putting in contact lenses. Finally free! Thank you!

Michael Miller
Auto Detailer

LASIK has greatly improved my life. I can now do things that I was previously restricted from doing before. I am greatful for the people at Millennium Laser Eye Centers

Jennifer Bromage
European Tour Director

I was absolutely terrified by the idea of having laser vision correction, but the professionalism, kindness and compassion that the staff gave me was outstanding in allaying all the fear and anxiety I had. It was truly outstanding and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Amanda Dempsey
Horse Trainer

I ride and show reining horses and it was a constant hassle having to always be aware of my glasses falling off my face. Now I can see clearly and not have to worry about my glasses and focus on riding and succeeding!

Cinthia Lherisson
Travel Assistant

Having LASIK performed at Millennium was one of the best decisions I've made!!! So happy with my results. I would recommend having LASIK at Millennium to anyone that wants perfect vision!

Stephanie Sultan
Personal Trainer

Dr. Lessner and his staff made the entire vision correction experience a breeze. They made me feel comfortable from start to finish. I am extremely satisfied with my results and want to thank the Millennium staff for gifting me with perfect vision.

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