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Kimberly Santana

I could not be more thankful for my experience with Millennium Eye Center. From the beginning to the very end, everything has been so smooth. I am in love with my new eyes! Thank you to the staff and Doctor Lesner!

Fidel Betancourt

I wish I would have done this sooner. Truly life changing and I am so thankful to be seeing 20/15 within days after my procedure! Thank you Dr. Lessner and staff for this successful life changing procedure!

Fiorella Bini
Service Coordinator
Default Avatar

Dr. Lessner and his staff are phenomenal they all treated me wonderfully and made sure I was ready or my surgery. The whole process is short but they've left an everlasting impression on me. My vision is better then 20/20 and I have had no complications. Dr. Lessner came highly recommended by my optometrist and a dear friend and I would do the same. Don't wait, there is nothing to worry about!

John Bollman
Comcast Tech
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The fact that I went from not being able to see 7 inches in front of my face to 20/20 in the span of 11 minutes is absolutely incredible. LASIK is a game changer and honestly one of the best things I've ever done!

Lesly-Loudmar Mathurin
Athletic Trainer

Millennium did an amazing job on my vision with no complications. The process was simple and painless and everyone in the office made me feel comfortable and confident with the procedure. I would recommend Millennium to family and friends.

Taylor Strickland

This was my goal for 2020 and I made it happen! Two weeks out and I'm so so sooooo happy I took the jump and did it! It's so nice to treat yourself with something you've always wanted. The minor dryness I have experienced is going away and it's just amazing!

Caitlin Dubuss
Flight Attendant

The surgery is life changing! I only wish I had done it sooner! Thank you Dr Lessner! You and your amazing staff are truly the best!

David O’Connor
Flight Attendant

Dr. Lessner changed my life. Words can't describe how satisfied I am with my new vision! The staff is top notch and beyond amazing. Any hesitation you may have regarding the procedure, just go in for a consultation and they will definitely put you at ease. Everyone in that office genuinely care about the people that walk through those doors.

Kristen Lichtman

Right after the surgery I already knew it was the best decision I have ever made! Each person that helped me through the process was nicer then the last! Everyone is very comforting and helps you feel comfortable the entire time! I am so thankful to be able to see again! Seeing 20/20 in 20/20 is AMAZING! Wish I didn't wait so long to have this done!

Alycia Pinon
General Manager

The LASIK eye surgery changed my life. The ability to see everyday without the need of contacts and glasses is a dream come true especially if you have a prescription that is more than -5 like mine. I was treated with such warmth even during the surgery. I was so nervous, even brought my lucky rabbit to feel more at ease ,but they talked to me all through the surgery which calmed my nervous a lot. When the procedure was done I can instantly see better. I started crying immediately cause I haven't seen that well in decades. It wasn't 20/20 yet but huge difference from what I had before. I recommend Lasik to everyone who wear glasses!

Darren Getchen
Window Cleaner

I'm amazed at the improvement in my quality of life. My eyes feel great and most importantly I can see perfectly.

Lemay Banos
Warehouse worker

The procedure was successful and really quick. I can't thank millennium enough! Many doors will open up for me now that I can see clearly.

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