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Sue-Ann Ryan
National Sales Manager

LASIK has provided an amazing, more convenient and flexible lifestyle for me. I now have the ability to be more spontaneous in daily activities and not worry about wearing glasses or contacts daily! It's AWESOME!

Richard Sage
Sales Agent

Best decision of my life!!!

Megan Pendleton

I can see! Best decision I've ever made.

Nick Grecco
Coffee Sales

A wonderful experience. Being contact and glasses free is well worth it!!

Ryszard Kasprzak
Sales Agent

Prior to LASIK, I couldn't see more than six inches in front of my face, my vision was less than 20/600. I couldn't wear contacts for more than an hour without getting a long lasting dull headache. I enjoyed sports and physical activity, but never got used to sweating glasses off my face in hot Florida summers. Moreover, as intense as the sun gets at rise and set, I never really wore sunglasses because of the limits on prescription frames as well as the cost (plus, I got a thing for sunglasses, I'm picky and I'd go broke putting prescription lenses in every pair). After LASIK, every daily activity is just so much more fascinating and pleasurable. As a driveway mechanic and fishing enthusiast, I'm no longer encumbered. I have a level of clarity beyond what I had with glasses. No more glasses getting in the way of things or falling off my head AND markedly better vision than previously! Words cannot completely express how incredible it is to see with my eyes alone. I should also mention the staff and their tip top professionalism, very personable and welcoming (they laughed at my jokes, too). Dr. Lessner himself was also kind enough to take quite a bit of time out of his schedule to go over and make me comfortable with the procedure, the machines used, and statistics of visual acuity after the procedure. Thank you immensely Dr. Lessner! I'm extremely satisfied with my new vision and I've already recommended Millennium Eye to several friends and acquaintances.

Melonia Stockner
Sales Manager

The thought of having LASIK had crossed my mind over the years but I was simply too nervous to got through surgery on my eyes with the thought of what if I can’t see afterwards. All I can say now is why did I wait so long to take this journey to freedom? No more having to worry about contacts or glasses and ensuring I always have extra with me at all times because of my work travel. The expense of contacts, solution, glasses, etc is far more expensive than LASIK over the span of a few years! Definitelyworth it!!!

Johnny Waterston
National Sales Manager

A huge thank you goes out to Dr. Lessner and his amazing staff at the center. Top to bottom you will certainly be taken care of. Sitting out back on a brisk weekend morning, with a nice cup of joe and taking in the beauties of the outside world without squinting or reach for contact lubrication....words cannot describe. My only regret is waiting so many years to pull the trigger.

Frank Almanzar

Amazing vision without glasses is an incredible gift. My life is changing as I now don't have to worry about how irritated my eyes look and even feel at times due to contacts usage. All that is out the window because I can now see very well without any corrective lenses. The staff at Millennium Laser Eye Centers were completely honest throughout about how the operation is gonna go, how long it'll take and the instructions for eye care pre and post operation. The whole process was fast and still felt very welcoming every time I stepped into the building. I highly recommend the procedure at Millennium Laser Eye Centers as they made the process as comforting as possible and I am impressed by the results. The doctor said I can read 20/15!

Ryan Landerholm
Sales Director

No more glasses slipping off my head or needing to wipe lenses clean. More importantly,I can see better now than I could with glasses or contacts!! Why did I wait so long to do this??

Joseph Reid

I'm so happy that i don't have to lug around my glasses while i'm playing golf anymore, feeling them slip off due to sweat and not being able to see where my ball went was a pain. I'm also enjoying going to my weekly movie night without the need to make sure I have my glasses on had. The world just looks so much brighter now. I'm so happy i did it.

Zoila Maya Sustiel

I can not thank Dr. Cory Lessner and his wonderful staff enough for making it possible for me to see the real world with my real eyes for once in my life!You only have one set of eyes. Don’t just trust them to anyone!! Make sure you choose the right doctor! Anyone considering having LASIK must go to see Dr. Lessner at Millennium Laser Eye Centers. There isn’t a price you can put on your eyes!!

Itai Menahem
Retail Store Manager

The staff was awesome and they made the experience so much easier than I expected, I should have done this years ago!

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