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Merrick Sequeira

This by far was the best decision I could have ever done. I have known Dr. Lessner to provide the best experience ever as he has worked with many patients and I had full faith and trust in him to do the work needed to get my eyesight to where it is. The eyes are the windows to your soul and I trusted that Dr. Lessner would be able to help bring that out.

Carlos Betancourt
Sales Manager

I no longer have to deal with the worry of not finding my glasses in the morning and having to work all day nearly blind! Thanks Dr. Lessner!

Frank Almanzar

Amazing vision without glasses is an incredible gift. My life is changing as I now don't have to worry about how irritated my eyes look and even feel at times due to contacts usage. All that is out the window because I can now see very well without any corrective lenses. The staff at Millennium Laser Eye Centers were completely honest throughout about how the operation is gonna go, how long it'll take and the instructions for eye care pre and post operation. The whole process was fast and still felt very welcoming every time I stepped into the building. I highly recommend the procedure at Millennium Laser Eye Centers as they made the process as comforting as possible and I am impressed by the results. The doctor said I can read 20/15!

Tommy Williams

If I would have known how great the experience is from the lasik to your team, I would have done it sooner.

Michael Romeo
Retail Sales

I am extremely satisfied with the results! It was quick, easy, and most of all, PAINLESS!

Jennifer Freeman
Miami Heat Sales

Thank you so much for helping me see again. The experience was amazing everyone was so helpful and made me feel so comfortable definitely would recommend millennium !

Wendys Nodal
Sales Agent

Most amazing experience in any office ever! From the front desk to the techs to the doctors I would recommend 10/10. I'll start with the front desk. I didn't catch her name but the young woman that attended me was first and foremost very attentive. Any question I had she didn't hesitate to answer or find a doctor to get the answer. In most offices the front desk usually is a headache but this young woman does her job very well and always with a smile which is always very much appreciated. I had 3 different techs front start to finish and every one of them were very knowledgeable and extremely kind. Again they were able to answer all my questions and were very thorough when examining me. Dr. Breault was the doctor that first saw me and made sure all my exams were perfect and accurate for surgery day. She was also my post op doctor and made sure my eyes were healing good. She answered a few questions a had for cleaning my eyes and assured me I was on track to perfect vision. Dr. Lessner was the doctor that did my surgery. I was so nervous going into the room but with his calming voice talking me through the procedure while it was happening and the techs that were with us in the room also reassuring me everything was on track and going good I was able to stay calm and was done in just 6 minutes. This is an amazing office and everyone that works here is amazing. I could not of gone anywhere else with the same service. Even if your in doubt about getting LASIK done, just do a consultation with Millennium. It will change your life. It certainly did mine. THANK YOU DR. LESSNER!

Petr Zeman
Ferrari/ Maserati of Fort Lauderdale

Thank you Dr. Lessner and a whole team for fixing my eyes. You and all team did great job and I'm love it. THANK YOU!!

Michael Camponelli
Sales Rep

Contacts and glasses are imperative to your day but people tend to forget about what happens when that 12 hour contact timeframe expires daily. Not having to wear glasses or try and put up with drying contacts at the end of the day when you are trying to relax is imperative.

Itai Menahem
Retail Store Manager

The staff was awesome and they made the experience so much easier than I expected, I should have done this years ago!

Justin Rakitin
Construction Equipment Rental
Default Avatar

I went from scrambling to find my glasses on my night table and not being able to see my speedometer in my car without glasses to 20/15 overnight!!

Joseph Richman
Insurance Agent
Default Avatar

Everyone from start to finish was amazing. They made me feel comfortable and confident with the procedure. Even after my surgery, the doctor and rest of the staff was very responsive if I needed to get in touch or had questions. Great experience!

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