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Mahmoud Abu-Hantash

I am completely satisfied with the procedure and the results. I am still in shock every morning when I wake up and can see the alarm clock! I have needed glasses since the second grade. Now no more. The process from start to finish has been simple. I would recommend this procedure to anyone!

Crystal Gans
Digital Sales Manager

It’s true what they all say! I spent years too anxious and afraid to move forward with the procedure. I was constantly told how this was a life-changing experience and the best decision by anyone who had done it. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Dr. Lessner and team for putting me at ease and giving me such a great gift. No more glasses at CrossFit!

Amy Kotch

I enjoy SCUBA diving, exercising, swimming and the like and always felt my vision was an issue. Now I cannot believe how things have changed! I'm not always looking for my glasses or worried about losing a contact. My daily activities are a breeze and I see such fine details I have never seen before. I couldn't be happier with my LASIK or choosing Millennium. The experience was top notch and extremely professional.

Kate Bauer
Office Manager

I had PRK surgery with Dr Lessner 2 weeks ago and my vision is perfect! From start to finish, the staff at Millennium was wonderful and made me feel so confident about my decision to have the surgery. I had so many questions and never felt rushed. For the past 2 years, I've experienced considerable discomfort wearing glasses and almost complete intolerance wearing contacts. Having PRK changed my life. I could not be happier with my decision and would highly recommend Dr Lessner and his entire staff.

Joan Wallis

I wore contacts for over 43 years and was frightened of risking my eyesight with surgery. Two of my friends had LASIK at Millennium and spoke so highly of Dr. Lessner's expertise and commitment to helping people see, so I went for a free consultation. His staff is friendly, professional and helpful, his office is comfortable and surgical equipment is state of the art. I wake up every morning now and laugh when I don't have to find my glasses before I get out of bed. I can swim and snorkel and actually see! My husband gave me the gift of LASIK for my 50th birthday and it's amazing. I sincerely thank Dr. Lessner and his staff for such wonderful treatment.

Luke Savage

What a great experience start to finish. Thanks to Dr. Lessner and his entire staff!

Ariana Toro
Graphic Designer

The team at Millennium is top-notch! From my very first phone call to my last follow-up, they went above and beyond to make sure that I was thoroughly informed and comfortable with every step of the process. My only regret is not doing this sooner! Thank you guys!

Daniel Hernandez
Default Avatar

Amazing experience! And an amazing result!

Stephanie Guzman

Having LASIK has truly been life changing. With my high myopia I worried so much about my safety at night and my safety in the water. I haven't known what it's like not to wear glasses/contacts my whole life. I feel so confident, free and most importantly safe! The process itself was so quick and painless, I only wish I had done it sooner.

Nilda Gutierrez
Vendor Loan Specialist

This has been a great experience! Wow, right after I went home and was doing great! Thank you so much for such great care and service! I love you guys!

Fazeena Ghani
Personnel Specialist

Awesome facility with a friendly staff! Very glad I went through with the procedure.

Katy Leiner
Senior Implementation Specialist

Millennium has absolutely changed my life. I have worn glasses for over 20 years every day. I hated the way I looked with glasses and contacts were so inconvenient. I have a new found confidence. Getting LASIK was the best thing I could do for myself.

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