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Amy Kotch

I enjoy SCUBA diving, exercising, swimming and the like and always felt my vision was an issue. Now I cannot believe how things have changed! I'm not always looking for my glasses or worried about losing a contact. My daily activities are a breeze and I see such fine details I have never seen before. I couldn't be happier with my LASIK or choosing Millennium. The experience was top notch and extremely professional.

Daniela Johnson

The Millennium team is amazing! I love that they have a lot of athletes who they take care of, since I am a very active person. I looked into other centers but felt I can trust Millennium the most and they made me feel comfortable! Than you to the whole Millennium Team, Dr. Lessner and Dr. Breault! Quick and painless!

Bradley Panos
Business Owner/President

Just had LASIK done yesterday and today I have 20/15 vision!!! Dr. Lessner and his team provide a first class service!

Angie Ramirez
Front Desk Coordinator

I've been using glasses since I was 8 years old and contacts at age 14, I've never felt better than now! Waking up without needing my glasses or having to take time for contacts is the best thing ever! Thank you Dr. Lessner and staff! Everyone was amazing & helpful! I will gladly refer to patients to your office!

Claudia Perez
Associate Recruiter

Dr. Lessner has changed my life! Seriously! I wake up so happy everyday because I'm able to see as soon as I open my eyes. No hassle in finding my glasses or running to the bathroom to put in my contacts. No more worries on having to take off my contacts when I go to sleep. It's simply the best feeling ever. I got my lasik done in March and I have ZERO complaints, just gratitude.

Michelle Eddy
Executive Assistant to CEO

Absolutely incredible staff. This is the best procedure. Quick and painless. I love being able to see without contacts and glasses. You will wonder why you waited so long to do it!

Michelle Hebbeler
U R Director

Having LASIK at Millennium Laser Eye Center was the best decision/investment I made in my life. All of the anxiety and nervousness I had prior to the surgery was eased once I walked through the doors at Millennium. The staff were extremely helpful and caring and made sure that I had the best experience possible. I love my new eyes and wish I would have done this sooner!

Roland Schwend

Awesome experience! Now I can see the ball again!

Kaitlin Halden
Self Employed

I started wearing glasses since I was 8 and contacts since I was 13, 20 years later I was ready for a change. I was nervous about the thought of getting LASIK for a long time but always wanted to get it done. I am so glad I found Dr. Lessner because his reputation is what gave me confidence in making the first step and scheduling a consultation. After experiencing how friendly and clean the staff and office was it made me feel comfortable. I did not feel like I was on a factory line but rather I felt like Dr. Lessner and his staff cared about me and my eyes. Everyone I meet now I tell that I have never seen this good in my life and hand them Millennium Laser Eye's card. Thank you!

Mariano Montaner

So happy with my decision! I am now free to play sports and live an active lifestyle without worrying about my contact lenses or glasses

Anthony Filippini
Industrial Designer

I'm so happy with how clear I can see without wearing contacts or glasses. I got my first pair of glasses in 4th grade, now I'm 25, and it's such a crazy feeling to think I won't need glasses and contacts again. I still have this habit of wanting to take my contacts out before bed, and always freaking out in the morning thinking I slept with my contacts on, and then remember I don't have contact

Giovana Espinoza
Default Avatar

I couldn't be more happier to be able to see again so clear and sharp in 20 years. This has been life changing and I am so thankful! The experience at Millennium was incredible and I was definitely well taken care of. Thanks to Dr. Lessner, he made me feel comfortable during the procedure. My eye doctor was very impressed that my vision is great and even my astigmatism is gone. I am very happy with the results and it was the best decision I've ever made. With no doubt I will recommended Millennium to my friends and family.

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