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Kiara Arias
Account Manager
Default Avatar

I can't remember when I first started wearing glasses, but I will always remember the feeling when I was able to see everything clearly. Within the first hour that I got home after my LASIK procedure I was able to see the TV clearly. I'm so amazed with my experience and I would recommend anyone to do this. It's an amazing investment! I'm so grateful to be able to wake up and see now. I should've made this decision a long time ago! The staff has always been so kind and welcoming throughout my entire process which made my experience reassuring and easy going.

Elisabeth Solis
Executive Assistant
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The staff at Millennium Laser Eye Centers were top notch and make you feel like family! They are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Michael Garcia


Christine Sorial
Senior Accountant

I was always skeptical about having LASIK. Once I went into the consultation at Millennium, I couldn’t wait to have my procedure! They made me feel so comfortable and answer any questions you have! It only took 10 minutes, I honestly wish I would have done it sooner because it is absolutely life changing! Thank you Dr. Lessner and staff for such an amazing experience!

Lanette Suarez

I have been wearing glasses since kindergarten. I feel truly blessed to have this new vision. It's honestly life changing.

Hans Hofmann
Customs Broker

Dr. Lessner and his staff made me feel more than comfortable and ultimately convinced me to have the procedure even though I was extremely nervous about the process, I am glad in the end that I did it. Bye Bye glasses!!! It's been 3 weeks and it has been amazing not having to wake up looking all over for my glasses!

David Ross

I can't thank Dr. Lessner and his staff enough, it was truly an amazing experience at Millennium. It's great to be able to wake up and see right away, no more searching for glasses!

Amanda Huneke
Clinical Systems Analyst

Best decision I made for myself in a long time. Not being dependent on glasses allows my life to be so much more active without worrying about breaking, losing, fiddling with my glasses!

Marvin Katz
Director of Finance

From the time you walk into Millennium you understand that you are in a place that truly cares about its customers. From the professionalism of the front desk and staff to the kitchen (filled with snacks for patients and the people that are caring for them on the day of surgery). Starting with the consultation, though there might be many in the office, once the door closes, the doctor [thank you Dr. Breault] treats you like you are the only one there for the day and will not leave until everyone of your questions are answered. Having a very high prescription and being in glasses for 43 years and contacts for 38 years, I finally decided on getting Lasik surgery because I became contact intolerant and was not ready to have to rely on my glasses 100% of the time. The way that Millennium works with my optometrists office, made me feel that everyone was only concerned with the best outcome possible for their client. When you make the decision to do this, the cost [which by the way includes ALL preop and post op visits – whether you choose your optometrist or Millennium!]really shouldn’t be the motivator (they will make it work with financing options), you need to find a place where you are treated like part of the family and not a commodity. As for the surgery itself, there has to be a confidence level when a doctor [thank you Dr. Lessner] is willing to live stream every procedure that is performed at the office and welcomes family to take videos of the procedure. This is a very emotional decision for many so I do want to thank you for the time taken in explaining the process in a very thoughtful and caring way – every step of the way.

Robert Serrapinana

I'm so happy that I don't have to reach for my glasses anymore. Thank you to Dr. Lessner and the entire staff at Millennium, you guys have changed my life!

Alexandra Burton
Commercial Insurance Claims Adjuster

I am extremely happy with my experience at Millennium. I have worn contacts since middle school, so waking up with clear vision in my late 20s is wonderful. Before Lasik, Millennium provided great educational material (videos and consultation with their staff) which made me extra comfortable to have the procedure done. I would recommend their services.

Julio Fumero
I T Manager

From the initial consultation & pre-operative exam all the way through post op follow ups, the entire experience was first class. The education and information provided prior to the procedure was extremely thorough resulting in zero surprises during the procedure. And the materials and post op instructions were so detailed, there was little to no room to make a mistake on my end. I, without hesitation, would recommend Millennium to any family members, friends or anyone else that is contemplating LASIK. Thank you Dr. Lessner and his wonderful staff over at Millennium

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