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Jonathan Lindgren
Senior Treasury Analyst

This experience has changed my life and allowed me to see the world clearly with my own eyes. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else for vision correction.

Robert Simms

Being able to see clearly without restrictions for the first time in over 20 years is a complete game changer. The entire team at Millennium is outstanding in their professionalism and competence. Thanks to Dr. Lessner, Dr. Breault, and the entire team.

Sean Ryan
Global Sales Manager

Hands down the best decision I have made in my 40's. Life will be much easier now that I can wake up and see in the morning and see while I am surfing and free diving.

Mark Follen
Owner of Solar Directory
Default Avatar

It doesn't get any better than the gift of sight. Thank you Dr. Lessner for allowing me to see what everyone looks like!

Vincent Chow

This is the best thing I could have ever done! I have been wearing corrective lenses for almost 20 years. The procedure is extremely fast, accurate, and the staff along with Dr. Lessner are world class! I highly recommend anyone who has blurry vision to go have a consultation with Millennium like I did. It could be life changing!

Michael Veizaga
Warehouse Manager

The procedure was quick and painless! I love how much better I can see now. Best decision I ever made, thank you Millenniun Laser Eye Centers!

Kathleen Fahey
Product Management

I wish I had done it years ago. The only thing that held me back was fear. That fear was minimized the first time I walked into the office for my consultation. Then it dissipated on my eye exam and the day of my procedure. When you see the skill & knowledge of Dr. Lessner and his staff you know you are in good hands. The procedure has changed my life by being able to see more clearly while at work. I notice I am a better driver on the road because I can see clearly at night and road signs. The convenience of not having to worry about contacts are in or my glasses are nearby is fabulous. Reading the fine print of food labels is my most exciting experience!

Ashley Schmidt
Account Manager

Wow I wish I would have done this sooner! Amazing experience. So quick and painless. I LOVE not wearing glasses & contacts anymore!

Sabrina Corazza

This has been a life changing experience and I am so happy I did it! Dr. Lessner has been absolutely phenomenal and professional and made me feel absolutely sure about having the procedure at Millennium. Thank you Millennium!

Edme Smith
Marketing Consultant

I expected the surgery to be a success, as there are a lot of success stories out there, but in my wildest imagination did I expect it to be such a great success. The whole process itself exceeded my expectations, you guys were truly great, and I am still confused when waking up at night...thinking I fell asleep with my contacts again..lol.. As I had a pretty heavy prescription, the world has really changed for me, being able to see everything without glasses and contacts! Thanks a million, Millennium team!

Jillian Mandic-Macias
Technical Business Analyst

I wake up with vision better than I ever did with glasses, every day, and I couldn't be more thankful!

Margie Lee

I was an easy procedure that completely changed my life! I wish I would have done it earlier.

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