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Lonni Tessler

I highly recommend Dr. Lessner and Millennium! I am so happy with my results and I am only upset I did not have the procedure earlier!

Jillian Mandic-Macias
Technical Business Analyst

I wake up with vision better than I ever did with glasses, every day, and I couldn't be more thankful!

Candie Baltz
Insurance Agent

I can't believe I waited so long to have lasik. Best decision I ever made! Dr Lessner and his staff are professional and kind. I wasn't just a patient. They made me feel like family!

Ariana Toro
Graphic Designer

The team at Millennium is top-notch! From my very first phone call to my last follow-up, they went above and beyond to make sure that I was thoroughly informed and comfortable with every step of the process. My only regret is not doing this sooner! Thank you guys!

Claudia Perez
Associate Recruiter

Dr. Lessner has changed my life! Seriously! I wake up so happy everyday because I'm able to see as soon as I open my eyes. No hassle in finding my glasses or running to the bathroom to put in my contacts. No more worries on having to take off my contacts when I go to sleep. It's simply the best feeling ever. I got my lasik done in March and I have ZERO complaints, just gratitude.

Austin Ericson

My wife is ecstatic that I can get up right away and go handle the baby without having to go put my contacts in first!

Marvin Katz
Director of Finance

From the time you walk into Millennium you understand that you are in a place that truly cares about its customers. From the professionalism of the front desk and staff to the kitchen (filled with snacks for patients and the people that are caring for them on the day of surgery). Starting with the consultation, though there might be many in the office, once the door closes, the doctor [thank you Dr. Breault] treats you like you are the only one there for the day and will not leave until everyone of your questions are answered. Having a very high prescription and being in glasses for 43 years and contacts for 38 years, I finally decided on getting Lasik surgery because I became contact intolerant and was not ready to have to rely on my glasses 100% of the time. The way that Millennium works with my optometrists office, made me feel that everyone was only concerned with the best outcome possible for their client. When you make the decision to do this, the cost [which by the way includes ALL preop and post op visits – whether you choose your optometrist or Millennium!]really shouldn’t be the motivator (they will make it work with financing options), you need to find a place where you are treated like part of the family and not a commodity. As for the surgery itself, there has to be a confidence level when a doctor [thank you Dr. Lessner] is willing to live stream every procedure that is performed at the office and welcomes family to take videos of the procedure. This is a very emotional decision for many so I do want to thank you for the time taken in explaining the process in a very thoughtful and caring way – every step of the way.

Eli Arnold
Film & Television

This message is intended for those of you out there who are terrified of having anything done to your eyes. I am a make-up artist and esthetician for film and television. My career depends on my vision more than anything. I have been exhaustively researching and interviewing countless doctors and vision centers across the country for six years. I hear the same name mentioned by high profile celebrity clients, producers, directors, and friends... "Dr. Cory M. Lessner M.D." Dr. Lessner has great YouTube videos and a great website that had answers to questions I didn't even know to ask. I found the LASIK Doctor I had been searching for at last! This is my only challenge to those out there who are scared to death. Fear and doubt exist due to lack of knowledge or information. Call Dr. Lessner. Watch his You tube videos... Visit his website. Better yet schedule a free consultation and see first hand what I am talking about. He is the best in the industry, he changed my life forever. Remember this last bit of wisdom... It might be your first time having LASIK, but Dr. Cory M. Lessner has done this thousands of times for thousands of happy satisfied clients.

Isaac Cohen

I was very nervous and hesitant to proceed with the procedure because of my own fears and preconceived ideas. The staff was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and comforting so I was able to feel much better about the whole endeavor! The day of the procedure was nerve wrecking for me. I walked into the room where the procedure was going to be and was greeted by some of the staff in a very warm and welcoming way. I was still considering backing out but I pushed through it. It was over in seconds! I was immediately able to see the gradient of the ceiling before I sat up; I could never see that distance without glasses/contacts before! They helped me up and it was like a whole new world for me. I could see everything around me so clearly. I realized there was nothing to be nervous about because it was like nothing ever really happened. No blades, no cutting, no hospital, no anesthesia, non of the stuff that typically goes along with ‘surgery’. This was simple, painless, easy, quick, and almost like nothing ever happened…other than being able to see without glasses for the first time since I was 12 years old. Thank you to everyone at Millennium!!!

Jessica Kienzle
Advertising Account Executive

It's like seeing everything and more for the first time. When I go for my usual walk there is now so much more to see. I enjoy life that much more. My only regret is that I could've discovered Millennium Laser Eye Center earlier. They gave me the confidence and financial ability to make this dream happen. I had considered laser eye correction for many years, allowing the fears of others delay my decision, but after a friend's referral and a visit to old.havelasik.com.php73-36.phx1-1.websitetestlink.com, I decided to trust Millennium. It was quick and fairly painless as they described. The service was top notch. The best customer service I've received from any business ever. This facility truly cares and advises each person. I enjoyed my visits, their offices are so pleasant and inviting. I suggest you do LASIK now if you're considering it. There's nothing more in your life that you will use more than your eyes. Put your money where it matters. Thanks Millennium!

Eric Trebbien

I would like to explain my process with those of you who my feel uncomfortable with the thought of a laser "touching" your eyes.
I never wore contacts because the thought of putting something in my eye was never a possibility. I grew tired of wearing glasses, and switching to sunglasses every time I went outside. During my consult I learning numbing drops would alleviate the discomfort during the procedure, I further learned my sight would not be greatly restricted following the procedure. With this, I felt the discomfort of the procedure would be psychological, the entire staff at Millennium is a caring group of people and made my experience calming, ensured I was well educated in the step by step process thru the recovery and are willing to answer any questions and/or concerns from stem one.
Thank you all for allowing me to see the world as it is!

Cindy Gildersleeve
Graphic Designer

I never thought I’d be able to have Lasik, as I am very squeamish when it comes to any discussion regarding eyes. However, upon learning that my contact lenses for my astigmatism were damaging my eyes, I was determined not to wear them again; yet, I hated the way I looked in glasses. I also hated the way my eyesight was wearing glasses – I figure skate, and found it difficult to skate when I had lost my peripheral vision, plus driving was difficult. My eye doctor recommended Cory Lessner and I am forever grateful! Cory and his staff were so nice, professional and caring, and I felt comfortable in their office. Other Lasik facilities either did not take the time to do the tests that they did, and other surgeons did not feel comfortable dealing with my particular situation. Cory assured me he had done the procedure on others who had been turned down by other places, and with much success, so I trusted him. Having Lasik has changed my life like I would have never believed! The procedure was painless, and recovery was easy. I can see better than I ever did with glasses or contacts! Even my close-up vision is better! Before the procedure I had a difficult time with small print, but not any more! My only regret is that I did not have Lasik sooner; however, I may not have been a candidate years ago before the newer laser technology had emerged. My skating has even improved, as I am now able to see better than before. This has been a real confidence booster! And it’s great to not have to bother with contact lens solution, which I did for 28 years. I am so happy that I trusted my eyes to Cory Lessner, and feel like I am on top of the world with my “new” vision!

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