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Raymond Gonzalez

Amazing staff and even better results. I would do it over again in a heart beat.

Karla Barrientos
Full-Time Support

I would like to thank the staff of Millennium! You guys are honestly the best of the best and so comforting! Thank you so much for my perfect eye sight! I haven't seen this well without contacts or glasses since I was 5 years old! Thank you all so much! I've already sent in a few friends to your center!

Eric Trebbien

I would like to explain my process with those of you who my feel uncomfortable with the thought of a laser "touching" your eyes.
I never wore contacts because the thought of putting something in my eye was never a possibility. I grew tired of wearing glasses, and switching to sunglasses every time I went outside. During my consult I learning numbing drops would alleviate the discomfort during the procedure, I further learned my sight would not be greatly restricted following the procedure. With this, I felt the discomfort of the procedure would be psychological, the entire staff at Millennium is a caring group of people and made my experience calming, ensured I was well educated in the step by step process thru the recovery and are willing to answer any questions and/or concerns from stem one.
Thank you all for allowing me to see the world as it is!

Grace Welbes
Default Avatar

I've used glasses since I was in the second grade, being free of glasses and contacts has been the best decision I've made. While it's a frightening thought to have surgery done on your eyes, the staff gives you all the information you need to make a decision. They make sure you have a comfortable experience and they actually care. This surgery has given me the freedom to be without contacts or glasses. I'm very glad I had it done!

Megan Frost
H R Administrator

I have struggled with my vision since second grade. My astigmatism made it difficult to find the right contacts that I could see with and I hated wearing glasses. After suffering corneal abrasions from ill-fitted contacts, I'd had enough. I've contemplated lasik for several years, but have been afraid because I've had trouble finding a doctor whose abilities I felt comfortable with. I don't regret not having done this sooner in life, because I wouldn't have found Dr Lessner...and THAT is something I would've regretted. He corrected my astigmatism 100%, which I am still stunned by. I didn't think it was possible. He and his staff are the absolute best and I could not be happier with my decision. AND IT WAS PAINLESS! I am so glad to have found Millennium. Everything happens for a reason...and when you know, you know! Dr Lessner is the way! Thank you SO much for giving me the ability to see, with my own eyes!

Rene Marquez

I can’t believe how quick and painless the procedure is… Thank you Dr. Lessner and staff for helping me SEE the world through my new eyes.

Jaclyn Gentile
Marketing Manager

Thank you Dr. Lessner for everything! I love my new vision!

Aaron Bailey

After wearing vision correction gear for over twenty-five years I was amazed at how quickly I was able to see after the procedure. Now I can see right when I wake up, take a shower or get a hair cut. Very happy with the results and impressed with Millennium for how great they took care of me throughout the whole process.

Adam Reichbach
Assistant to City Manager

I was very apprehensive before surgery and put it off for years. Dr. Lessner and his staff put my mind at ease and truly made this a memorable experience. Best off all, I now see 20/20 and do not have to worry about always wearing glasses.

Christine Vazquez
Office Manager

I chose Millennium because I felt safe and secure with the way I was educated on the process and how I was treated there.

Ralph Screnci
Real Estate Investor

Great experience, explained thoroughly each step of the way. I felt secure in my choice with such an important decision.

Cindy Gildersleeve
Graphic Designer

I never thought I’d be able to have Lasik, as I am very squeamish when it comes to any discussion regarding eyes. However, upon learning that my contact lenses for my astigmatism were damaging my eyes, I was determined not to wear them again; yet, I hated the way I looked in glasses. I also hated the way my eyesight was wearing glasses – I figure skate, and found it difficult to skate when I had lost my peripheral vision, plus driving was difficult. My eye doctor recommended Cory Lessner and I am forever grateful! Cory and his staff were so nice, professional and caring, and I felt comfortable in their office. Other Lasik facilities either did not take the time to do the tests that they did, and other surgeons did not feel comfortable dealing with my particular situation. Cory assured me he had done the procedure on others who had been turned down by other places, and with much success, so I trusted him. Having Lasik has changed my life like I would have never believed! The procedure was painless, and recovery was easy. I can see better than I ever did with glasses or contacts! Even my close-up vision is better! Before the procedure I had a difficult time with small print, but not any more! My only regret is that I did not have Lasik sooner; however, I may not have been a candidate years ago before the newer laser technology had emerged. My skating has even improved, as I am now able to see better than before. This has been a real confidence booster! And it’s great to not have to bother with contact lens solution, which I did for 28 years. I am so happy that I trusted my eyes to Cory Lessner, and feel like I am on top of the world with my “new” vision!

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