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Christina Alvaro
Project Manager

I've wanted Lasik for about 4 years before finally making a consultation. When I first contacted Millennium they were super helpful on how to fill out the online consultation. After filling out the online consultation I had a virtual consultation and set up my surgery date. The staff is amazing, they make you feel comfortable answer any questions you have. The doctors are amazing As well explaining in detail how the procedure will go. The day of my procedure I was not nervous at all, and the procedure was so quick and painless! I had no issues recovering! Lasik has been life changing being able to wake up and not squint to see the time or worry about changing contacts

Karlene Fray

This is an awesome place! They are the best, the staff is warm and friendly, very professional, update equipment and the website has all the information including the ability to watch the procedure. I was so scared but after my consultation I was ready, the procedure was over before I knew it. They are the best and you will be in great hands!

Rachael Christopher
Client Specialist

I'm still amazed to think that 10 minutes is all it takes to get rid of contacts and glasses. Getting back the ability to wake up and see clearly is something that I will forever be grateful for. A day that I truly will never forget.

Brandon Rashkin
Self Employed

I can finally see, amazing experience!

Ilse Perez
Default Avatar

It's amazing to be able to see without glasses. I'm extremely pleased with the results and would recommend Lasik to my friends and family.

Dan Georges
Report Analyst

I came to you guys to see why laser eye surgery is known as a life-changing experience. I later found out why it was. The staff is great! They keep me updated throughout the whole process and was able to answer all of my questions. I definitely would recommend this pain-free process to anyone. Thank you again.

Sullivan Caldwell
Supervisory Bank Examiner

The experience was first-class. From the moment I entered the glass doors and was greeted by a warm smile; during my frank and comprehensive consultation; to my meeting with the renowned Dr. Lessner, who was very attentive and interested in listening to MY concerns. I found that Dr. Lessner’s patient and calm demeanor lessened my concerns and helped me to keep the whole process in prospective. My life (as I SEE it) is so much better now and I owe it to Dr. Lessner and his awesome team. Thank you!

Nelson Calderon
Real Estate Broker & Property Manager

I would highly recommend getting LASIK done for anyone that is tired of glasses and contacts. The procedure start to finish was absolutely amazing and takes literall 10 minutes from start to finish. I recommend this to all my family and friends.

Chad Donaghue
Corporate Communications

I wore my first pair of glasses at age 11. I can't believe I just turned 40 and my vision is flawless. FLAWLESS! Thank you to Dr. Lessner and the talented team at Millennium

Kerry Green
Social Work

From start to finish my experience at Millennium was amazing. The staff were super nice and answered all of my questions. They knew I was nervous on the day of my procedure and walked me through everything. My vision was 20/15 the day after my procedure! Best decision of my life hands down.

Simona Genova

With a high prescription most doctors were unable to perform my corrective surgery. I found Millennium to be the most informative office. The website provides great insight into the history of the procedures. The doctors and staff are kind, well informed and willing to answer any and every question imaginable. My eye sight is irreplaceable and I could not have put more trust in Millennium. Very grateful to have had the best outcome with receiving 20/20 vision! Words can not express my gratitude.

Jason Webber

I'm the biggest baby when it comes to eyes, the staff at Millennium did an amazing job explaining everything and making me as comfortable as possible with everything. They are truly amazing!

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