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Linda Novick

Having LASIK has given me so much more confidence when taking care of patients in ultrasound. I was always so self conscious about my glasses and felt my patients saw me as an old lady. I also have no more fear that something would happen to my glasses, and I couldn’t do my job. Now I can see myself in the mirror to put make up on, and not cover my pretty make up with glasses. This year I can enjoy lobster mini season with my family and not miss a thing under the water!

Erin Goldberg

After one day I was seeing better than I have ever seen in my life! I went from having a very strong astigmatism to now seeing 20/15!

Raeann Raisor

Best decision I ever made for myself. I cannot say enough good things. Waking up able to see instantly is amazing.

Helene Jacobson

Dr. Lessner and his entire staff make this process so enjoyable and comfortable. I will miss the fact that I don't need to be seen on a routine basis for life! The procedure was amazingly quick and completely painless; easier than putting in and taking out my contact lenses daily. Thank you all for your professionalism and gift of sight!

Kristin Ibanez

Life changing! I lead an active life with a lot of time spent outdoors. The ability to go mountain biking without having to worry about contacts falling out and not being able to see to continue my ride is totally in the past! Not fumbling around looking for glasses in he middle of the night if your toddler is crying is a game changer too. It's completely worth the investment!

Melissa Pierro
Speech Language Pathologist

Laser Vision Correction was one of the best decisions of my life! Waking up in the morning and being able to see the clock, not having to pack extra contacts and glasses on vacation, not having to worry about uncomfortable eyewear is truly amazing.

Victoria Garris
Facilities Coordinator

Thank you to Dr. Lessner and Dr. Breault for the amazing professionalism! Having the gift of sight is the greatest feeling in the world. The LASIK procedure was so simple, and the staff made sure I was calm and comfortable. The thorough exam prior to the procedure to ensure the best outcome was incredible. This was the easiest procedure, and I am happy with the outcome! My outcome was that I can now wee better than I did with my glasses or contacts!!! Thank you all do much!

Ian Hochman
Chiropractic Physician

As a chiropractor and father of 2 children, I am always on the go. Having LASIK was amazing and I wish I had done it many years ago. Traveling is so much easier as well as going to the gym, playing sports and swimming. Dr. Lessner is a miracle worker!

Jenna Harris
Board Cert. Behavior Analyst

I have worn glasses since elementary school. I could not remember what it was like to be able to see without glasses. Throughout the procedure, having Dr. Lessner talk through it helped with my fear and then opening my eyes after the procedure was indescribable! I could read the clock on the wall and I burst into tears. I am so happy with the outcome and cannot thank Millennium enough. Life changing.

Mayzara Garcia
Behavioral Health Counselor

It is life changing. Being able to wake up in the morning and be able to see things is surreal to me. Thank you Dr. Lessner

Benjamin Soffer

Amazing experience! Seeing 20/15 the day after my procedure!

Susan Grey-Parkes

I was very pleased and happy with the service received from the entire staff before, during and after my procedure.

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