See what our Patients are saying about LASIK and Laser Vision Correction

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

I can’t thank you enough for the gift of sight! Finally..I’ll be able to see how truly handsome I am Dammit! You’re the man!

Gabrielle Union

Dr. Lessner, Thank you so much for giving me the gift of improved vision. I thank you & so do all the other motorists on the road!

Dwyane Wade
Professional NBA Player, Miami Heat

First I have to say THANKS for caring as much as you do…And thanks for taking my vision to another level…Now I have to do my part and make some more 3’s

A.J. Burnett
Professional MLB Player, New York Yankees

Thanks for helping me see the strike zone. My walks should easily go down. Rock n Roll! P.S. Thanks for making me throw harder!

Jimmy Johnson
NFL Commentator / Coach

Not only did my surgery help me on the set of FOX NFL SUNDAY, it improved my quality of life. The night of the surgery I was reading the menu to my wife!

Nicole Franzel
CBS Big Brother 18 Winner

Holy crap! I can see, thanks to you! I’m forever grateful for you and this experience! Your staff is amazing, and you are so unbelievable generous and kind! Seriously THANK YOU so much, I’ll be thankful for this everyday!

Josh Johnson
Professional MLB Player, Florida Marlins

Dr. Lessner, Thanks for helping me find the strike zone again! And maybe it will help my hitting as well! And thanks to the wonderful staff here at Millennium!

Roberto Luongo
Professional NHL Player, Vancouver Canucks & Olympic Gold Medalist

Thank you for giving me the best eyesight in the NHL!!!

Nicko McBrain

Thank you so much for giving me sight! This has been an awesome experience. I can hardly wait to start competing again – hopefully my first LPGA win is with in my grasp now!

Wes Welker
NFL Football Player

Thank you so much! I still can’t believe how much better I can see now!

Ryan Tannehill
NFL Football Player, Miami Dolphins

Thank you for taking care of me! I have never been able to see as good as I am now!

McKaley Miller

Thank you so much for the awesome new vision! I can’t believe I can finally see! I was in good hands – PIECE OF CAKE! I’ll never forget this experience.