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Jarred Corey
Artist / Teacher

This procedure is the best decision I have ever made! I can see great for the first time in my life! I am very thankful to the incredible staff at Millennium

Valerie Shammay
Swim Teacher

Truly a miracle! So glad I had the opportunity to receive LASIK. There is nothing better thatn the gift of vision.

Shari Perlowitz

I am still in awe at how such an extremely quick procedure can alter the way I have been seeing the world since I was 10, which is when I started wearing glasses. For 36 years, I have been hassled by glasses, dry contacts, and tired eyes and in 10 minutes Dr. Lessner gave me a new found freedom. The other day, I was looking up at the moon and I saw its craters so sharp and defined, I felt like I was superhuman. I was also at the gym the other day on the treadmill, and as I was watching TV, I couldn’t believe how crystal clear and sharp the TV was. I know I have read other people say “it is a miracle”, and it may sound overused, but for anyone who is terrified of ever being in a situation without glasses or contacts, it really is indeed, a miracle. I went to see Elton John the other day, and even though I had good seats, I didn’t need my binoculars to see the details of his band and I made it home from Miami to Boca at night with no night glares or halos at all. I think the best part of doing this, is just waking up in the morning and seeing, no matter what it is that I see! Just like everyone else has recounted, I really wish I had done this so much sooner! Dr. Lessner is a modern day miracle worker and his staff were so genuinely happy for me, so concerned and attentive to every detail. I was most impressed with how they showed me what my vision would look like with sample glasses of the prescription – that helped me determine the strength of the monovision and if I should do it. I knew I would probably have to wear “cheater” glasses either way, but so far – no cheaters for me!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you is not enough….


Daniel Hack
Director of Education and Training


Michael Jones
Higher Education

Truly world-class service from the original consultation, leading up to the surgery, through the surgery and after. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Lessner would actually be doing my surgery along with all of the celebrities that have gone to see him. The staff was just as incredible as Dr. Lessner and while I am sure they see hundreds of patients per week, they made me feel like I was the most important person they were caring for. My vision was immediately improved the instant the surgery was complete. I sat up to take my picture with Dr. Lessner and I could already read the clock on the other side of the room. I was back for my follow-up less than 24 hours after surgery and was already reading 20/15. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lessner and his Team to anyone that is a viable candidate and looking to change the way they “see” the world around them.

Gwendolyn Smith
Director of Non-Profit Organization

My work is in the rainforest with indigenous peoples. My glasses were a constant burden and would either get foggy, get lost in the river or fall off because of intense sweat. With LASIK I can function! And spot all the snakes and tarantulas before they spot me!

Gina Bossola

As many people say, I wish I had LASIK done sooner. It is amazing how quickly my vision improved after Dr. Lessner's work. I was already seeing 20/20 the day after my surgery. Millennium made what I always felt could be sort of scary, simple and painless. There was nothing scary about the process, and I even enjoyed watching the operation on another patient after I was finished. If you want your eyes to be taken care of to the highest degree, I highly recommend Millennium. There is no better place to go.

Nora Hubler
Swim Teacher

Truly a miracle! So glad I had the opportunity to receive LASIK. There is nothing better thatn the gift of vision.

Juliet Leon
Speech-Language Pathologist

I am extremely happy with the overall experience. I knew I wanted to have the procedure done for the last few years but I was unsure about what facility to go with. My eye doctor highly recommended Dr. Lessner and all the staff was confident and professional. Anyone who could not answer my questions would find someone who could, so I always felt like I was in competent hands. My eyes are almost done healing for the most part and I’ve started to realize my vision is better than it ever was. Its actually better than my husband’s who has 20/20 vision. We’re taking our honeymoon in New Zealand this February and I’m ecstatic to hike in the mountains with no worries.

Jaclyn Pagnotta
Director of Education and Training

Dr. Lessner and staff were incredible! They were so kind and put me at ease before and during the procedure. I am seeing 20/20 and it is surreal! Thank you for changing my life!

Reuben Bennun

Millennium was definitely the right choice. The whole staff was beyond kind and supportive throughout the entire process. I was extremely nervous about the LASIK procedure, to say the least. Dr. Lessner called me, answered all of my questions with patience, and alleviated my excessive stress. I felt like everyone in the clinic truly cared for my well-being and wanted to ensure that I have the most pleasant experience. Anyone who would like to do LASIK should do so through Millennium - the epitome of high-quality care.

Krista Vaicaitis

Getting my vision corrected was an easier procedure than going to the dentist! It was so quick, no pain or serious discomfort involved. I sat up and could see the clock on the wall…I immediately started crying tears of joy. Having my vision corrected really was the best decision I have made in a long time! The world looks brand new again!

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