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Daniel Thomas
NFL Player, Miami Dolphins

Go Dolphins! Finally I can See!

Ernest Wilford
NFL Player, Jacksonville Jaguars

Thanks Doc! I owe you

Todd Widom
Pro Tennis Player

My experience was phenomenal at Millennium. The surgery has saved my professional tennis career and I can’t thank Dr. Lessner enough for his help.

Nat Moore
NFL Player, Miami Dolphins

Dr. Lessner, thanks for getting me out of the glasses!

Jon Leavy

Thanks for helping me see my way to victory lane!

Matt Turk
NFL Player, Houston Texans

Thanks Cory! Eye love the results! God Bless

Rob Ninkovich
NFL Player, Miami Dolphins

Thank you for the new eyes, this will help me get at least four more sacks. Great Job!

Jeff Conine
MLB Player, FSN Sportscaster

While all professional athletes rely on excellent vision, I was especially affected by problems with my eyes. Due to a condition where my eyes became dry, I was unable to wear contact lenses… Rather than try to address my condition, Dr. Lessner solved the problem by performing laser vision correction surgery on my eyes. As a result, I had 20/20 vision and… relief translated to success on the field… I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lessner and the laser vision procedure to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Donald Thomas
NFL Player, Miami Dolphins

Cory, Thanks for the new EYES!! I’ve got QB vision now!!

William Kershaw
NFL Player, Jacksonville Jaguars

Dr. Lessner, Thanks again for making my vision so much better!

Guy Charron
NFL Coach, Commentator

Not only did my surgery help me on the set of FOX NFL SUNDAY, it improved my quality of life. The night of the surgery I was reading the menu to my wife!

Joey Corona
Professional Golfer

My decision to have eye surgery was an extremely important one. I did my research and asked friends of mine who play professional sports who they recommend. Dr. Cory Lessner came up repeatedly. From there Dr. Lessner personally answered all my questions and instilled confidence in my medical decision. My vision is terrific for my golf game and other endeavors… The doctors and staff at Millennium exceeded all of my expectations!

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